Wellness Using Meditation

Meditation is an innate tool that enriches, enhances and magnifies every part of our being. It calms turmoil within and around, accelerates healing, strengthens the spiritual search, and brings balance to the self, the environment and those within it. It is the proven tool of empowerment.

Self-Healing Through Meditation

The life energy that drives the human body is based on the highest form of “intelligence”, enabling perfect functioning of each one of its billions of cells. The body is made up of over 80% water, which has the ability to harbour and transmit this intelligence wherever it is needed. This is why, a seed that has lain dormant under the ground for five hundred years suddenly springs to life when nourished by water.

Every function of the body is governed by intelligence fields, which enable the flow of life energy, oxygen, all forms of nourishment and release of toxins in a perfectly balanced manner. The body has excellent abilities to correct and heal itself, however, this ability is not being used to its fullest potential, due to our current dependence on chemical medications. Therefore, whilst medical science can be very helpful, it must be complimented by the self-correcting abilities of the body to achieve healing from all types of challenges and disorders.

Meditation is an excellent tool to achieve self-healing as it engages the mind in a focused manner to enable communication with the critical intelligence fields of the body. Meditation relaxes the mind and helps build a focused intention towards correction of the bodily disorders, which can be physical, mental and/or emotional in nature. Combining meditation with the correct use of water is an effective method of self-healing, complimented by the correct medical treatments and nutrition.

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