Self Development

The Art of learning to enhance the self mentally, spiritually, and physically, leading to a state of clarity, peace, confidence and happiness.

We are born with immense capacity, infinite possibilities, and the innate tool of meditation enabling us to reach our highest potential. Aligning the body and mind with the inner self/soul, where knowledge, clarity and strength reside, is an optimum space to begin.
Regardless the area of pursuit, meditation sparks the faculties required to achieve this inner excellence.

Towards Zero Conflict
A compilation of stories to stir thought and query.
Towards Zero Conflict explores inner conflicts that may reside within us, causing pain, difficulties, disappointments and suffering. Through short stories, each conflict is examined from a broad range of perspectives, and offers ´seeds of resolution´ to provide practical solutions to overcoming our inner conflicts.

Exploring Limitless Horizons
Thought provoking discourse of the limitless potential of life.
Through a conversation between the Origin (the Creator) and Maya, the unborn soul, this talk answers frequently asked questions, “Why are we here? What is the purpose of our existence?”
Dr.Amyn Dahya discusses practical methods to identify, understand and transcend Ten Horizons, to achieve success, abundance and freedom in all aspects of life.

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