Exploring Limitless Horizons

Thought provoking discourse of the limitless potential of life.
Through a conversation between the Origin (the Creator) and Maya, the unborn soul, this talk answers frequently asked questions, “Why are we here? What is the purpose of our existence?”

Dr.Amyn Dahya discusses practical methods to identify, understand and transcend Ten Horizons, to achieve success, abundance and freedom in all aspects of life.

What is the most important lesson learned from life…?

As I complete 62 years on this beautiful planet today, I can’t help but reflect on the question, ‘what is the most important thing I have learned from life’? Without a shadow of doubt, it is Gratitude…

Gratitude for the gift of life each day, with access to clean water, air and a healthy environment. Gratitude for all the love I have received and shared with family, friends, loved ones and strangers. Gratitude for all the challenges life has presented, with the growth and learning that has come from them. Gratitude for the blessing of abundance where everything I have received, irrespective of quantity, has brought immense contentment and happiness. Gratitude for all the crises that never transpired, and life changing events unknowingly averted.

Gratitude for the blessing of faith in God, the single greatest source of strength in my life, that has shaped my thoughts in every respect, ushered me onto an enlightened path, and shepherded me through adversities that could have shattered the strongest of people…

On this special day, I am truly grateful to be blessed with the gift of friendship, my dear friends, with the prayer that you be graced with love, happiness, true friendships and abundance, every moment…stay blessed and fulfilled, always.

Amyn Dahya
June 28, 2019
©Amyn Dahya


We are all here in this world to experience and transcend ten horizons.

What are these horizons and how do they help explain the purpose of life? Why do events occur the way they do and what role if any, do we play in it? Why is there such a disparity in fortunes and circumstances between people’s lives? Is destiny a choice or pre-ordained…?

Please accept this free gift of knowledge in the hope that you may find some of the answers you have been seeking…stay blessed always, my dear friends…
©Amyn Dahya

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