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Amyn Dahya

Who are our true friends…?

This is a question we all struggle with. In a world where materialism is so prevalent, it becomes exceedingly difficult to answer, because most people have an agenda, or want something from us – or so it seems. Friends are a very important part of our lives. We either discover them, miss them, or are completely unaware of their existence.

Is someone who calls you every day, follows your expectations and protocols, and attends all your celebrations your true friend? What about the person who always smiles and makes you laugh? Or the one who is blunt and tells you what he or she thinks, irrespective of how you feel? Or the one who only contacts you once a year or even less? Or the one who just carries you in his or her heart, but sees no need to speak to you regularly? These are questions to consider, because a friendship is something we invest in so heavily, in terms of time, energy, resources, and emotions. It is most fulfilling when we are right about our friends and heart breaking when we are wrong. Of course, being right or wrong is also a matter of our own perceptions, degree of self-centeredness, and level of acceptance and understanding of others.

I learned about friendship through the experience of someone very close to me. Many years ago, he went through a very difficult phase, when he lost his business and everything he had built. He went from a comfortable life with lots of friends to having nothing, almost overnight. When all was good, he had friends who spoke to him multiple times daily, shared in his celebrations, and followed his expectations. He was a popular and happy man. When the downturn came, most of them disappeared for reasons of their own, leaving him heartbroken. The ones who turned out to be his true friends appeared from the most unexpected corners. People who seldom called him and rarely attended his invitations featured in his life in a prominent way, standing by him and helping him on his way up. In his moments of adversity, strangers also came through and became his long lasting friends. Of those who called him every day, only one remained by his side.

My friend’s experience is by no means an absolute yardstick by which to measure friendship. However, it does suggest that we be mindful of our perceptions of the people who do not fit into our moulds and expectations. It is possible that they may be our real friends. Also, it is possible that the brutally honest and frank ones may be our best advisors and supporters in difficult times. Friends that make us feel warm and fuzzy may or may not always stand the test of life. Discovering true friendship is one of the joys of life. It is a continuous pursuit, and for our part, we must do everything we can to hold on to true friends.

Friendship is a two way street and today is a perfect time to honour this precious gift. Let us start each day, with a prayer for all our friends and keep our hearts open for the true ones to occupy forever…
©Amyn Dahya
Have a blessed week ahead my dear friends, graced with love, friendship and abundance.

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6 days ago

Amyn Dahya

Los ángeles realmente existen…?

En nuestro viaje de España a Málaga en el sur, no detuvimos a almorzar en las afueras de la vieja ciudad de Toledo. Esto fue a principios del 2000, en tiempos en los que atravesábamos una fase extremadamente dificil en nuestras vidas. Estacionamos nuestro auto en lo alto de una colina y bajamos caminando una larga calle de adoquines hacia los bares y restaurantes.

A medida que nos acercábamos, notamos a una anciana, vestida en un vestido largo negro, usando un pañuelo negro en la cabeza, encorvada por la edad, caminando con la ayuda de un bastón pasando al lado de la gente sentada en las mesas afuera de los bares. Ella no estaba pidiendo, pero parecía como si estuviera esperando que alguien le ofreciera ayuda.

Le sugerí a mi esposa Karima darle algo de dinero asi que nos acercamos y le dimos unos toquecitos en su hombro para llamar su atención. Ella se giró y nos miró con una calidez que ninguno de nosotros había sentido antes. Su cara era de piel clara, arrugada y cansada. Puse todo el dinero que tenía en mis bolsillos en su mano y lo que vimos luego fue absolutamente incredible. Su rostro se volvió radiante y todas sus arrugas desaparecieron. Ella se veía joven, hermosa y fresca mientras nos sonreía a los dos desde su alma. Le dio a Karima un abrazo y un beso y le dijo que era muy hermosa. Luego, me miró con inmenso amor en sus ojos y me dio el abrazo más cálido. Luego se despidió y comenzó a alejarse lentamente. Un momento después nos giramos para mirarla una vez más, y ella había desaparecido! Era imposible que hubiera desaparecido en un lugar tan amplio…

Ambos fuimos bendecidos por esta hermosa alma… y poco después, nuestras circunstancias cambiaron para mejor. Desde ese momento hemos sido más y más fuertes. Hasta el día de hoy, los dos recordamos a nuestro ángel de Toledo con gran cariño, y sabemos profundamente en nuestros corazones, que ella se apareció ante nosotros para ayudarnos en nuestro momento más difícil… si, yo creo que los ángeles existen.
©Amyn Dahya

Sean bendecidos mis queridos amigos, agraciados con mucho amor, abundancia y compasión en sus vidas.

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Traducido por Nelly Fernández Bonini…gracias infintas por su servicio voluntario de amor.

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Amyn Dahya

Can love drive synchronicity…?

Many years ago, my wife Karima and I met with Jose Luis, the general manager of a golf club in Las Palmas, to discuss their water treatment issues. At lunch time, Jose recommended we try their signature steak, prepared with a local, red mojo sauce. It was absolutely delicious.

As I carved away at my steak, sprinkling lemon and chilli sauce before slowly savouring each bite, he said to Karima that I reminded him of his best friend Karim, from Kenya, whose dining mannerism was exactly the same as mine. He related to us that Karim and he were like brothers, who had attended boarding school and university together in London. Several years after graduation, Jose and his fiancée Marta, decided to move back to Spain. On the day of their departure, Karim was supposed to help transport them and their belongings to the shipping port, in a rental van. He never showed up…

Jose and Marta were convinced that something terrible had happened to Karim, because he was an extremely reliable person. Failing to show up only meant one thing – he had either been involved in a major accident or suffered a severe catastrophe of some sort. After reaching Spain, they repeatedly tried calling Karim’s home phone, but it was disconnected. There were no mobile phones in those days. All Jose’s numerous letters were returned unopened. He was convinced that Karim had passed away, and lamented the loss of his best friend for forty years.

After lunch, we took all Karim’s details from Jose, and proceeded to aggressively investigate his whereabouts through our network of friends and elderly uncles and aunts, who had lived in Kenya at the time, and perchance knew his family. We discovered through the grapevine that he was alive and had retired in Luxembourg. A month later, we met with Jose and Marta at an Indian restaurant in London. After dinner, we conveyed to Jose that we had a surprize gift for him, and handed over an envelope containing Karim’s contact details. He broke down and sobbed profusely, and then excused himself to go out and digest this major, but very welcome shock. The following week, Jose and Karim were reunited in Luxembourg, sadly at a time when Karim was dying from stage-three cancer. The two best friends had a chance to spend some brief, quality moments together, before Karim passed away peacefully…

We were all astonished by the perfect synchronicity with which everything unfolded after our initial meeting with Jose, who was a complete stranger to us at the time. His love for Karim was so powerful that it unleashed an unstoppable series of events that united the two best friends just before their final farewell…Yes, I for one do believe that love has the power to invoke and drive synchronicity…
©Amyn Dahya
Have a blessed week ahead my dear friends, graced with happiness and fulfilment.

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#love #synchronicity #friendship #cancer #fate #power #spirituality #mindfulness #luck #destiny #serendipity
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2 weeks ago

Amyn Dahya

Los 6 niveles de conciencia que nos definen…

Muchos de nosotros hemos leído o escuchado acerca de cómo estamos definidos por nuestro nivel de conciencia. Aquí tienen un breve resumen de las diferentes escuelas de pensamiento – En cuál(es) de ellas vives?

El primer nivel es donde “La vida te pasa”. Eres una víctima impotente de eventos, circunstancias y acciones de todos los demás, menos de ti mismo. Aceptar este nivel sin tratar de superarlo perpetúa el síndrome de la víctima. Buscas la simpatía de todos para tu bienestar.

El segundo nivel es donde “La vida pasa independientemente de ti”. Estás tan absorto en ti mismo que fallas en reconocer y tomar todas las hermosas experiencias que ocurren a tu alrededor. La vida solo te pasa y te preguntas como pasa el tiempo tan rápido?

El tercer nivel es donde “La vida pasa por ti”. En este nivel el ego prevalece, creando una confianza equivocada de que tu eres la causa por la que todo sucede. Este es un estado de existencia engreído, lleno de inseguridad y la necesidad constante de validación en todo. Todo el crédito en la vida se te debe a ti.

El cuarto nivel de conciencia es donde “La vida pasa a través de ti”. Eres un ser conciente y usas concientemente tu poder de pensamiento para trazar el rumbo por delante, como una canoa que flota en un río, usando tus remos para navegar seguro, conciente de cada roca, árbol y paisaje por el que viajas.

El quinto nivel es donde “La vida pasa contigo”. Estás en armonía contigo a nivel material y espiritual, apreciando completamente cada elemento de la experiencia humana para la que estás aquí. Estás en paz con la vida incluidos todos y todo lo que hay en ella. La gente se siente a gusto, feliz y tranquila en tu presencia… porque tu los encarnas. Estás satisfecho y agradecido por cada regalo de esta experiencia.

El sexto nivel de conciencia es donde “Tu eres la vida misma”. Eres un iluminado y has reconocido tu lugar en la fuente de todo en todos los universos. Eres totalmente humilde por este reconocimiento y el propósito de tu existencia ahora ha evolucionado para dar mucho más de lo que tomas. Has superado la experiencia humana. Eres una fuente de luz para todos.

Todos podemos vivir en múltiples niveles de conciencia hasta alcanzar el quinto nivel. Nuestro objetivo debe ser crecer en conciencia utilizando nuestro poder de pensamiento.
©Amyn Dahya
Que tengan una semana bendecida mis queridos amigos, llenos de felicidad, claridad y luz.

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Sea bendecido y gracias por ser parte de anclar la felicidad ...

Traducido por Nelly Fernández Bonini...muchisimas gracias.

#consciencia #espiritualidad #mente #poderdepensamiento #empatía #meditación #iluminación #ego #armonía #amor #vidaconsciente
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2 weeks ago

Amyn Dahya

The 6 levels of consciousness that define each of us…

Many of us have read and heard about how we are defined by our level of consciousness. Here is a brief summary of the different schools of thought – which one(s) of them do you live in…?

The first level is where “Life happens to you”. You are a powerless victim of events, circumstances and the actions of everyone else, but yourself. Accepting this level without trying to break past it creates events that perpetuate the victim syndrome. You seek sympathy from everyone for your state of being…

The second level is where “Life happens irrespective of you.” You are so engrossed in your own self that you fail to recognise and take in all the beautiful experiences that are occurring around you. Life just passes you by and you wonder how time flew past you so fast..?

The third level is where “Life happens because of you”. This is where the ego prevails, creating a misplaced confidence that you are the cause of everything that happens. This is a conceited state of existence, filled with insecurity and the need for constant validation in everything. All credit in life is due to you…

The fourth level of consciousness is where “Life happens through you”. You are self- aware and use your power of thought consciously to chart the course ahead, like a canoe that flows in a river, using your oars to navigate safely, aware of every rock, tree and landscape that you journey through.

The fifth level is where “Life happens with you.” You are in harmony with yourself at the material and spiritual level, appreciating fully every element of the human experience you are here for. You are at peace with life including everyone and everything within it. People feel at ease, happy and tranquil in your presence…because you embody them. You are fulfilled and grateful for every little gift of experience.

The sixth level of consciousness is where “You are life itself”. You are enlightened and have recognised your place in the source of everything in all the universes. You are totally humbled by this recognition and the purpose of your existence has now evolved to giving a great deal more than you take. You are past the human experience. You are a beacon of light to everyone…

We can all live in multiple levels of consciousness until we reach the fifth level. Our goal ought to be to rise in consciousness using our power of thought…
©Amyn Dahya
Have a blessed week ahead my dear friends, graced with happiness, clarity and light.

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