S.H.I.F.T. Shaping Human Intellect for Tomorrow , is an initiative to ‘effect change through the power of thought’ — uniting and dedicating positive thoughts towards a world of peace, unity and social & environmental care. PosiTiviTy Consciousness is promoted via peace events in the form of collective meditations, SHIFT transformational walks, School Programs and the Donate-a-Thought Campaign.

S.H.I.F.T. – the JOURNEY

Featured in the ‘Alcanzera Rise Again’ are 7 global locations where meditations would contribute towards the SHIFT to balance human consciousness, planetary abuse, and alignment of the planet and universe. A small team came together, known as the SHIFT group, and traversed the earth between 2003-2011 to the 7 locations, supported by global participation to form a Global SHIFT ThoughtWave during each meditation.


Dr. Amyn Dahya, The Alacanzera Rise Again

During a trip to Venezuela, Juan encounters the ancient civilisation, Alacanzera, restorers of equilibrium. Their strength was derived from their ability to be united with each other and with nature. As he learns about the power of the human intellect, he has a mind shift, placing him in a new paradigm.