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Positivity consciousness

Thought has life and medical instruments can detect its energy. Each time we think, we give birth to a living seed of thought that germinates in people around us and in places far away. Our thoughts create events and experiences, depending on their nature.The documentary ‘What the Bleep do We Know’ reveals striking statistics of an experiment done in Washington USA, a city harbouring areas with the highest crime rate in the USA, at that time.

A detailed statistical database of crime in Washington was prepared at the start of the experiment. A group of spiritual and self-development teachers from around the world then gathered in Washington to meditate and focus their power of thought on peace, unity and transcendence over crime. The net effect was a statistically proven reduction of over 30% in the crime rate in Washington during the period of the experiment.

The power of thought works in proven ways.Another tangible and visual evidence of the power of thought has been demonstrated by the works of the famous Japanese scientist, Masaru Emoto ( He filled water in a set of identical bottles and placed a specific message on each bottle.

The messages included words like love, unity, peace, gratitude, hate, anger, I will kill you, etc. He then froze the water under specific conditions and photographed the water crystals from each bottle using a microscopic camera. The positive messages like love, unity, peace and gratitude, revealed beautiful, orderly, crystalline structures.

Based on above, we invite you to join us for the Global Thoughtwave for climate, environmental and peace restoration.  Please see  Join us in thought/ listen to our messages and meditations, encourage others to participate, create a group to meditate with on November 03, 2019.  Together, we can cause a SHIFT !

Meditations for Climate & Environmental Preservation

Nov.03.2019 Global Thoughtwave


Audio Meditation for Climate by Dr.Amyn Dahya (4min):

Audio Meditation for Climate by Dr.Amyn Dahya (20min):

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