Self development


The Art of learning to enhance the self mentally, spiritually, and physically, leading to a state of clarity, peace, confidence and happiness.



Meditation is an innate tool that enriches, enhances and magnifies every part of our being.



Sharing is Empowering ourselves and others to build a united global community.


Happiness is a choice, in which we anchor ourselves, its patterns & behaviour, making it a state of being, which reflects, attracts and spreads positivity and wellbeing.

Happiness is infectious indeed”

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beginning June 28, 2017

In celebration of Dr. Amyn Dahya’s 60th birthday, we offer you his books and audios for FREE for 60 days.

We also invite you to participate in the Sharing, by purchasing an additional item/s free to gift to someone else.

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Just open its pages at random to discover the advice you seek!

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Dr. Amyn Dahya underwent a rich spiritual experience after a life threatening accident in Kashmir in 1987.
He was subsequently blessed with a clarity of knowledge he knew needed to be shared widely, for happiness and empowerment…

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